If there is a substantial change to our privacy policy, at least one week before the change, we will publish a reference on the web page on which our privacy policy is published and inform users directly of the change when we have saved their data about it. To be in tune with the GDPR, my non-secular belly tells me that my client should sign a data processing agreement with Apple. It`s true? Or is the interaction in the Framework system components considered contractually agreed between the application user and Apple itself and therefore falls under Apple`s confidentiality agreement? it is not necessary. In doing so, the GDPR ensures that the processing of personal data for which Apple agrees to facilitate the control of its customers. This means that we will be able to give (recital 43). Article 7(4) aims to ensure that the purpose of the processing of personal data is not to allow you to implement your plan by selling the app for a lower amount (A), but by disabling certain features of the app. Allow the user to enable these features for free if they agree to data tracking or for (B-A) via IAP if they don`t. The language you quote states that consent cannot be „cam cam or grouped“. This means that you cannot have a two-way set of „Terms and Conditions“ to enable additional features for free with an „I agree“ at the bottom of the page, with the data tracking agreement buried in these Terms and Conditions. However, if you simply say, „If you allow us to track your data, you can get these features for free – type HERE for more information,“ then you`re not hidden or bundled IMHO. Apple sticks to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) cross-border Privacy Rules system.

The APEC CBPR system provides organizations with a framework to ensure the protection of personal data transferred between APEC participating economies. If you have an unresolved data protection or data usage issue in relation to our APEC CBPR and/or PRP certifications, please consult our external dispute resolution provider. Legal basis for the lawful processing of personal data, i.e.: Consent and contract cannot be merged All information you provide may be transferred to or accessed by companies around the world, as described in this Privacy Policy. Personal data relating to Apple services about individuals established in a member state of the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland is controlled by Apple Distribution International Limited in Ireland and processed on its behalf by Apple Inc. Apple uses approved standard contractual clauses for the international transfer of personal data collected in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. As a global company, Apple has a number of legal entities in different jurisdictions, which are responsible for the personal data they collect and which is processed on their behalf by Apple Inc. For example, in our retail companies outside the United States, point-of-sale information is controlled by our retail companies in each country. Personal data related to Apple, Online Store, and iTunes may also be controlled by legal entities outside the United States. .

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