Find salary plans, collective agreements, and other resources related to your work. Even though the association focused on raising their salary, it wasn`t the only thing they wanted. They worked to clarify a lot of things that were either in the contract before and difficult to understand, or something that was an informal agreement between the school and the association staff. Chemeketa offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive package of services including medical, dental and visual coverage (subject to collective agreements of staff and higher education institutions). Other benefits include generous leave, tuition waivers for employees and loved ones, as well as life and disability insurance and membership in the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) or Oregon Public Services Retirement Plan (OPSRP). We take our promises to the community very seriously and invite you to participate in an artistic, scientific or sporting event to convince yourself of what Chemeketa offers. Attention We take care of each other, trust each other and respect each other and the world around us through our words and actions. President Roberts leads Mr Chemeketa to be from the Community and the Community. She often says that Chemeketa succeeds if our community succeeds. Our vision, mission and promises are to transform lives and communities through extraordinary learning experiences.

Chemeketa Community College values access and diversity, which is confirmed by the way we nurture, collaborate and innovate with each other and with the community. We promise to actively support student learning, from pre-college to transfer or work and lifelong learning, with a focus in all our practices on student success, quality and sustainability and being responsible stewards of our resources. „You know, we wanted to satisfy the Classified and honor what they were asking for, but here too, we had a budget, potential cuts, and we had to look at other positions within the university. So we`ve had layoffs and/or a reduction in forces that we call,“ Scharer said. „We are committed to changing lives and communities through extraordinary learning experiences.“ COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE AND CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE FACULTY ASSOCIATION Promise/Central Theme 1: University Preparation We promise to actively promote and support university preparation, workforce availability and lifelong learning. Chemeketa Community College is a rich community that values diverse perspectives, identities, cultures, experiences and contexts. We believe that such diversity is essential for hard dialogue and learning. We hope that members of the college and the wider community will use this website as a tool to deepen their own training and learn how Chemeketa is fulfilling its commitment to diversity. Each year, we support nearly 50,000 students who register to acquire the skills that contribute to the economic vitality of the Mid-Willamette Valley. And programs like the Center for Business & Industry help local businesses find immediate and long-term solutions.

„In fact, they told us they were going to take advantage of it, and they came back and told us they were coming back with another lower offer than this one, and said they had gone through what their budget already was, what their budget allowed…

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